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Name: Isocitrate dehydrogenase-1/Glioma Fluxomics Study
External ID: ST000302
Tumor neurospheres were grown in culture until ~90% confluent. Media was changed to contain 1mM acetate. After 24h, 0h time points were collected and media was changed on all other cells to 1mM 13C-acetate containing media. Cells were then collected at their various time points, 1, 3, 24, 48, or 72 hours. Cells were collected into 15mL tubes, spun down at 100xg for 1min and media aspirated. Pellet was washed (not resuspended) in 150mM ammonium acetate. This was then aspirated off and the cells snap frozen and stored at -80C until all time points complete to ship on dry ice. 0h, 1h, and 3h A, B, and C samples will have gTn by HILIC + TCA by GCMS done on them, while 0h, 1h, and 3h D, E, and F will have FAMES and DG & PC analysis done on them. 24h, 48h, and 72h A, B, and C samples will have FAMES analysis done on them.
Private: No
Library: No
In-House: No
URL: https://metabolomicsworkbench.org/data/DRCCMetadata.php?Mode=Study&StudyID=ST...
Tags: ms instrument type : single quadruple  ms instrument name : agilent 5975c  subject type : human  sample source : glioma cells  species (latin) : homo sapiens  species (common) : human 
Name Ret Time (min) Precursor m/z Precursor type Significance Neutral mass Integer m/z Type
File Type Size
combined.msp MSP: NIST text format of individual spectra 268 spectra attach_file save_alt