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Name: Metabolic Microenvironments in Normal Breast and Breast Cancer (MS analysis)
External ID: ST000054
The purpose of this study was to understand the metabolomic changes in a breast tissue microenvironment at various stages of cancer development and progression (i.e. normal breast, DCIS, and invasive cancer).  The goal of this metabolomics pilot and feasibility study was to apply a broad spectrum GC-MS metabolomics method to determine whether changes in normal tissue of women with cancer correlate with progression and or the subtype of the disease.
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Tags: ms instrument type : gc x gc-tof  ms instrument name : leco pegasus 4d gcxgc tof  chromatography system : leco pegasus 4d gc  column : restek corporation rtx-5sil ms  subject type : human  sample source : breast  species (latin) : homo sapiens  species (common) : human  disease : cancer 
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