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Name: P4HA1 knockdown in the breast cell line MDA231 (part I)
External ID: ST001049
Determine the effect of knocking down P4HA1 in the MDA231 cell line (including alterations to metabolic pathways). Control versus knockdown
Private: No
Library: No
In-House: No
URL: https://metabolomicsworkbench.org/data/DRCCMetadata.php?Mode=Study&StudyID=ST...
Tags: ms instrument type : gc-itq  ms instrument name : thermo itq  chromatography system : gc-ei-ms  column : sge 0.15 mm i.d. x 50 m  subject type : animal  sample source : breast  species (latin) : homo sapiens  species (common) : human  disease : cancer 
Name Ret Time (min) Precursor m/z Precursor type Significance Neutral mass Integer m/z Type
File Type Size
combined.msp MSP: NIST text format of individual spectra 1041 spectra attach_file save_alt