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Name: Metabolic Profiling of Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue from Colorectal Cancer Patients: GC-TOF MS analyis of serum samples
External ID: ST000065
This West Coast Metabolomics Center pilot and feasibility project  was granted to  Johanna Lampe (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at Univ. of Washington, Seattle).  In the current investigation, unbiased profiling of the metabolome and lipidome of adipose tissue samples (visceral(VAT) and subcutaenous (SAT)) and serum of 50 CRC patients, including stages I-IV, from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (Seattle,WA) and the German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg, Germany) was conducted. The lipidome and metabolome of adipose tissue (VAT/SAT) and serum were analyzed using established UPLC-QTOFMS analysis and GC-TOFMS analyses, respectively.\u00a0 
The primary objectives of this project were to 1) compare the metabolome and lipidome of\u00a0matched\u00a0VAT\u00a0and SAT adipose tissue of n=50 Colorectal Cancer Cell (CRC) patients, 2) characterize the associations between the lipidome and metabolome in adipose tissue (VAT/SAT) and serum of n=50 CRC patients and 3) test the associations between the lipidome/metabolome of VAT and serum with the tumor stage of CRC patients.
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Tags: ms instrument type : gc-tof  ms instrument name : leco gc-tof  chromatography system : agilent 6890n  column : restek corporation rtx-5sil ms  subject type : human  sample source : adipose tissue  species (latin) : homo sapiens  species (common) : human  disease : cancer 
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