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ADAP-KDB Spectral Knowledgebase

Welcome to ADAP-KDB Spectral Knowledgebase!

ADAP-KDB is a compound and mass spectra search engine. You can use it to Identify and prioritize spectra.

Use this web app to search query spectra against both private and public compounds and mass spectra.

Use it to prioritize both known and unknown mass spectra.

Use it as a search engine to identify spectra from libraries.

If you find ADAP-KDB useful, please cite
Smirnov A, Liao Y, Fahy E, Subramaniam S, Du X*: ADAP-KDB: A Spectral Knowledgebase for Tracking and Prioritizing Unknown GC-MS Spectra in the NIH's Metabolomics Data Repository. Anal Chem 2021, 93(36):12213-12220

Search against public libraries
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  • Upload files
  • Search for similar spectra and compounds
  • Export results
Upload and search against private libraries
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  • Upload files
  • Save as a private library (user account required)
  • Search against your libraries
Prioritize your spectra
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  • Search against ADAP-KDB consensus spectra
  • Prioritize matches based on species/source/treatment distributions
  • Find linked studies from Metabolomics Workbench
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